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I’ve been setting goals faithfully for over 4 decades.  I’ve experienced incredible results because of this consistent practice.  All of that was put on on steroids when I attended Michelle’s goal setting workshop.  WOW!  I was blown away.  I did exactly what Michelle said to do & this stuff works.  Michelle is the best in the business.

Margie Aliprandi

Michelle Barnes goal setting workshop is the call of the year.  So many people have breakthrough, after breakthrough, after breakthrough on this training.  It is something that has had a major impact our business.  The Ultimate Goal Setting Workshop is the perfect call to close out 2021 and kick off 2022.  Whatever you do, do not miss this call.

John Melton

I’ve been addicted to goal setting my entire career.  During Michelle’s goal setting workshop, I was so impressed at the amount I learned that I had not already experienced.  Her practical strategies, combined with the simplicity of her training shifted the entire way i plan my goals.  She immediately moved me from thinking about my goals to taking action!

Loren Robin

Ultimate Goal Setting Workshop

Ultimate Goal Setting Workshop